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Todd, you nailed my magic board !

a few pics of new board after I picked it up…. Took about 3 waves to dial it in but what an exciting ride! Todd, you nailed my magic board ! Thanks!!” —Ken 7’0 x 23 x 3 1/4 55.4L Displacement Hull ‘Bear Republic’|... read more

my surfing has just gone to a whole new place

Took the new ghost down to Trestles and Mexico for a long weekend, such a great board, Tell Todd spot on, this is for sure my favorite!!!! So responsive, and just WORKS! It is certainly light, wow! Flipping board just rips – what can I say, it’s mind blowing how... read more

Like a fine wine, it was well worth waiting for.

Just wanted to send a pic from one of my first sessions with the new Proctor Custom. Nicaragua was killer and so was my board. Matty loved his too! Please thank Todd for taking the time to shape me the perfect schtick! Like a fine wine, it was well worth waiting for.... read more

For me the Quad Fang is a game changer!”

Todd, just surfed my new 5’6” Quad Fang. To say this board rips is an understatement!! The speed and drive makes it ideal for smaller days at the point. Not to mention the sheer volume of water displaced when you really set it on rail. For me the Quad Fang is a game... read more

love this board!

Hey Todd and Charissa! I just have to say since I got the boards you guys shipped me I’ve been surfing them everyday in Playa Negra and STOKED!! It has been amazing ever since I’ve got these boards! (I’ll be making another order soon!) Have an... read more

I have to say: it is the best board I have ridden

After many months of lower back injury, I am finally up and riding the apache 5’6 proxy epoxy model that you guys shaped for me last year…. I have to say: it is the best board I have ridden- Excellent for Bermuda! I have used it in sloppy waist to chest... read more

thank you

Say Hello to my new Lil 💎 JEM.. #bluebladeofglory ThankYou @proctor_surfboards .. Next stop... read more