Surfboard Reviews & Surfer Feedback

Surfboard Reviews & Surfer Feedback

real feedback from stoked surfers all over the world

what a magic ride, it felt fluid under my feet

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Todd & Charissa and all the team at Proctor for my new ride, it is totally awesome. I received the board just before Christmas, what a treat. Very impressed with the packaging not a single pressure mark! I hit the waves that... read more

Monstachief Buckets

Hi Charissa, Just wanted to send you a pic from the Mentawais at Scarecrows. MonstaChief living up to it’s name. Thanks for the board. Lance | 230 lb | San Clemente, CA 6’6″ x 21 3/4″ x 3 1/8″ 47L MonstaChief thumbtail equipped with Proctor... read more

It has no limits

I have been putting the Monsta through it’s paces on this incredible south swell.  You know what?  It has no limits.  2 feet overhead?  No problem. Powers through sections!!  I just can’t say enough good things about your mad skills on the CAD and planer.... read more

far surpassed any expectation I had for it

That yellow board is utterly amazing! I was in Costa Rica for a week, it was heavy and not the super great waves I wanted, but some good size. My Monsta worked like a charm, however I was not seeing the wave I wanted to try out my new G4, finally there was one day... read more

it was magic, all that I thought and more

I surfed the G4 yesterday in head high HB surf and it was magic, all that I thought and more. Thank both of you very much. Jarrod  44/5’7″/150lb/15 yrs exp 5’10” x 18 3/4” x 2 1/4”G4+ 25.6L Proxy... read more

Thanks for giving me my dream board

Hey guys, Just want to let you know how awesome my mini longboard is and it rides great even for Pismo Beach walls. My husband and I both love this board and have to say it performs excellent in all types of conditions. I am loving the board. This is great inspiration... read more

just blown away by its performance and versatility

I just wanted to let Todd and you know how much I love my Performace Noserider ( Kelp Green 9’8″ that I picked up in May). I have ridden it in everything from knee high crumblers at Morro Rock to the pumping reefs north of Cayucos and have been just blown... read more

by far the best & most versatile board I’ve ever owned

Last week, I got an unusually long ankle-biter backside wave on MonstaChief. Yesterday during swell, I was taking literally death/injury defying takeoffs in front of Jetty, all with equal ease. Despite hiatus, I surfed a lot of boards & this by far the best &... read more

the board makes me a better surfer

Dear Todd and Charissa: I picked up my Monsta HD from y’all in May and would like to give some feedback. First off, Todd helped me with the dims, based on my ability and where I surf, and he nailed it. The board was confidence-inspiring on my first session and now... read more

Really versatile shape. Love how sensitive the tail is.

Just wanted to give you some feedback on my Pipsqueak. Favorite board in my quiver right now! Really versatile shape. Love how sensitive the tail is. Perfect amount of hold and release. For sure, an ultra high performance board that paddles really well. Rails hold in... read more

craftsmanship is top notch

Todd and Charissa, Just wanted to let you guys know that I picked up the board from Leon (great service by the way). Not sure when Ill be able to get some waves around here but the board feels amazing under the arm and the craftsmanship is top notch. Thanks for the... read more

Neil is so excited!!!

The boards arrived today and Neil is so excited!!! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to see him surf! I will be sure to send pictures etc. Thank you again for making this anniversary so special. Best, Lauren 6’1″ x 20″ x 2 5/8″ + 34L Monsta... read more

It is definitely the best surf board I’ve ever had.

I wanted to thank you both for being so nice. I met Todd on last may 5th and he was amazing. Its great to feel that from your shaper. The board was absolutely flawless and its performance in surf from knee high to double overhead was amazing. It is definitely the best... read more


Hi Charissa, Finally got to surf the 6’4″ MonstaChief as a thruster in epic, overhead, south shore surf. The thumb-tail worked beyond my expectations in the steepest part of the waves. This was especially true on one wave that I thought I was absolutely... read more

Thanks for the awesome board, worth every penny

Finally got to take the board out after 9 excruciating days. Surf was crumby 1-2 county beach break but, that board shreds. That board is soooo awesome…love it can’t wait to get it in some decent surf. Tell Todd masterful job…just perfect. Thanks for... read more

This board has changed my surfing life, seriously

Thank u, thank u, thank u. This board has changed my surfing life, seriously. Todd has figured out the magic formula for large athletic surfers. Until surfing the Monsta Chief, I had been searching for the right mix of paddle / wave catching ability with aggressive... read more

Board performed smooth, very smooth indeed!

Board flatters the surfer, LOL! A couple of shots of the ‘El Pavote’ in early season Indian Ocean glass! Board performed smooth, very smooth indeed! Works very well with the thumbtail option… beautiful part of the world! Now back to reality and another 50... read more