Surfed the new Proxy 6’0” Twin Fang and it was incredible! Actually it was more than incredible!

This board is so, super light and lively.

I out-paddled the longboarders and ripped the small sections up with ease. Todd definitely made another masterpiece and yes as you all have been saying…”A magic board”!

I really don’t know what more to say…this is my fourth Proctor board and each time I am left amazed.

Mahalo, Ronnie Santaniello 32 years old- Yokosuka, Japan
Twin Fang Epoxy (Proxy) 6’0” 21”x2 5/8”


Okay, I can finally give you a report on how my Lil Rascal worked out for me. It was INSANE!!

I spent two days in Izu surfing a pre-typhoon swell and the Lil Rascal was bananas!

It tore up the inside sections and handled the big sets with total ease.

The only thing that bothered me about the board was PUTTING IT AWAY!

Thanks again for another sweet board!


Ronnie Santaniello- 32 years old
Yokosuka, Japan