photo: Peter Dive

The ghost is fast, freaky fast. That was the first thing I noticed about it. I also noticed how smooth it turns from rail to rail.

I’ve ridden a couple of these shapes and I really enjoy how effortlessly you can surf them.

You don’t need to pump, chop, hop, or flail to generate speed.

The shape seems to do all the work for you,

as if its trying to help you create a smoother style.

I’ve noticed a big change in the way I surf since riding The Ghost. Todd noticed it too when we were in Peru.

It’s helped me link my turns into one continuous motion

without the wishy-washy pumps and hops in between maneuvers.

The width runs a little higher towards the nose, sort of similar to Da Monsta but yet has a standard shortboard size.
That really helps me with two things: when doing airs or throwtails and my weight is on my front foot, and second,
I can take this board out in waves knee high to double head-high.

It rides responsive like Da Monsta but feels more reliable in large surf because there is more board under your feet.
Needless to say, I’ll continue ordering Ghosts because I love em’ and I know what I’m going to get every time.
Todd, keep on pumping these puppies out cause’ I can’t get enough!