Hi Guys!till-zeugin

I got my little ghost today and I’m sooo excited!

It’s really beautiful, the workmanship is gorgeous!

I love it!
Can’t wait to take it on my trip!

Oh and the fins and the FCSII system look amazing!

Thanks for the time you put into this board!

Have a great day

Till // Switzerland // age: 20/5’9″/145 lb/intermediate

6’0″ x 19″ x 2 3/8″ Carbon Footprint Ghost


Hi Charissa

Finally I get to write you! I had an awesome trip to Portugal! We had some really nice waves and

I had some of the best sessions on my ghost I’ve ever had!

Since I mostly surfed my fish before, at first I had some small issues surfing too much off of my front foot but I think that’s gone now.

The board is extremely fast and quick and gets me in pretty much any wave I want to!

I think it really helps me to get to the next level!

I love it!

Anyhow altogether I had a wonderful trip with a wonderful board!
Please say hi to Todd and tell him he truly does work magic!

Cheers Till // Switzerland // 20/5’9”/145 lb/intermediate
6’0″ x 19″ x 2 3/8″ squash Carbon Footprint Ghost w/ FCS II keyless fin system