Hey Charissa,

i took the board out this weekend… Oh My Word!!  .. Its amazing.

thing is like a frickin Rocket.

i got caught in a couple big big waves… dropped down the face, got swallowed by white wash… then i felt the board accelerate – then i Shot out of the white wash like a Bullet.. AMAZING!!!

Thanks so much. I LOVE IT!

everything is easier with the board, paddling – pop ups – turning everything…

And its sooo Fast…

John was commenting on how fast i was going all day.

Tell Todd he’s a Genius and this is for sure a Magic board!

alot of people in the water were asking “what kind of board is that?”

and of course i promoted you guys like crazy. Thanks again!

-earl. // 8’0″ x 22″ x 3 1/4″ Proxy epoxy Manatee II // 43/6’0″/195 lb/beginning the journeyIMG_1773