I’ve taken the board out several times now for a total of about 20 hours in various conditions and I’ve gotta say, david-marcus-monsta-cf-t2

I’m stunned by how much I love this board.

If I had to describe it in one word, I’d have to choose “uncompromising”.

All the ride characteristics in boards that I thought were mostly mutually exclusive and/or mostly a trade off between one or another are available at all times with this board.

It’s my fastest board when I want it to be fast, most controlled when I don’t need the speed, my most agile board when I want it to be agile, holds best when I need it, and breaks loose so well when I want it to; all on the same wave. 

I’ve bought many boards that have been marketed to be the “perfect all-arounder” for a wide range of sizes and conditions, but this Monsta HD has put all of those claims to shame, making me totally re-think what that means and truly proving that it is the perfect board for me.

I’m making some of the best top turns and cleanest maneuvers I’ve ever made thanks to this board.

I’m really happy, and will be returning for another in the future.


6’0 x 20 x 2 9/16+ 32L Monsta HD Carbon Footprint Titanium II | 31/5’10″/190lb/6 yrs exp/for HB, Newport, Surfside