Hello again! Just wanted to say that we had a small, waist high day here and I couldn’t resist trying the Mendia. I have a [—] board that is similar dimensions and just a couple more liters than the board I just got from you and Todd- the Mendia is SO MUCH NICER.

On little cutbacks and turns off the top when my [—] board may have lost its steam and sunk, the Mendia really felt much more alive and kept treading water! And that’s on dinky seven second wind waves. I can’t wait for a real swell with a little power!!

Todd really knows his stuff with making the most of rockers and bottom contours. I never expected that it would paddle as well as it did too. Compliments all around on another amazing board.

Best, Ricky

34/6’4″/195lb/1.5 yrs exp/New York | 6’4″ x 19 1/2″ x 2 5/8″+ 33.8L

Mendia with Superabound rocker & Jetstream concaves