Todd , perfect board for Teahupoʻo. Thank you.

12’+ Perfection on the barrels. The quad setup was a great choice.

The board- 6’5″ paddled in with a nice glide and setup. When the wave went vertical it engaged, locked in, dropped in and held the line and engaged the wave. So critical here to have a board that can hold in these conditions and this type of wave – Nailed it.

Speed and positioning are critical factors here and the board was able to stall, wait for it to go ballistic, then fire forward and get you to where you had to be, than have the power to pull you out and get you safe.

As always you’re the BEST !!!!”

—Brian | custom 6’5″ x 19″ x 2 11/16″ round pin Ante-up G-4.f (inverted fulcrum)…for Tahitian barrels. Brian is 52, 6’0″ 185lbs. surfstoked lifer charger