from the Hurley surf training camp in Australia…proud parent feedback: “Todd,

Just wanted provide feedback on both Riley’s boards… Riley rode 5’11” first few days and surfed at higher level than I have ever seen him surf. He was getting board consistently at 12:00 attack lip on big faces. The 5’11” enabled him to draw around sections that few people were able to make. He is getting stronger and was able to weight rail on long drawn out bottom turns and board kept speed. Truly amazing board.

When size dropped he switched to 5’9” that board is a GEM too. Riley was attacking waves at a level I am not sure I thought he would attain for years. Honestly if someone would have told me Gabriel Madena was out I wouldn’t have doubted it, but it was Riley.

He is progressing at such a rapid rate you will be surprised when you see him next time.

Have great weekend.”


5’11” x 18 3/4″ x 2 5/16″ 27L #flyinlionsurfboard 

Riley is 17, 5’11”, 165lbs. #surferfeedback