Had a blast in the Mentawais.  I surfed overhead Kandui Left the second day of our trip. Very challenging wave on the back hand. I only saw a few barrels made and all by goofy footers, but I managed to doggy door one.  I finally waxed up the Pottz throwback and surfed it at overhead A-Frames and Four Bobs. The Rascals survived some hairy drops. Unfortunately, the southerly trade winds were persistent and I didn’t have the opportunity to surf Rifles or Bank Vaults. I never touched the reef the entire trip.  Here’s a couple sequence shots courtesy of Kandui Villas. Aloha!”
-Kenny 5’6”/160lb
5’7” x 19 3/8” x 2 5/16” 27.8L Lil’ Rascal v.1 with twin install riding FCSII MR #twinfins